Project Management

At Hermann Design Group, our knowledge of your plans allows us to provide essential project management services when needed. Our expertise ensures a smooth process from design to delivery. We are committed to using a proactive approach, keeping delays and change orders to a minimum. Many of our services are provided with in-house teams, and we can also oversee and coordinate with other contractors and vendors to provide a complete project. We are knowledgeable about jurisdictional restrictions and code requirements to ensure timely and on-budget completion of the project. The staff at Hermann Design is dedicated to being responsive and cost-efficient throughout the project management process.

Scale of Projects

From smaller, high-end projects to developing large raw tracts for residential, commercial or multiuse, we can design and manage any size project.


From site analysis and selection to predevelopment studies to master planning to design guidelines and more, we work closely with clients and other stakeholders to determine developmental strategy and timing to ensure that land use potential is met through a seamless process.

Landscape Architecture and Design

We provide all aspects of landscape architecture including responsible plant choices, innovative irrigation, hardscape design and incorporation, signage, and other features. It’s our goal to create a landscape plan that thoughtfully incorporates functionality with aesthetically pleasing design.

Working with Municipalities and Agencies

Project Approval

Our knowledge allows us to represent you the proper departments with city, county, water districts, utility companies, architects and engineers to manage submittals and agency reviews.



We realize that a successful project is comprised of a team of professionals including architects, engineers, water resource specialists, contractors and more, and we work closely with and respect those involved to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for all.