Through a collaborative process that involves the client and each stakeholder in the project, a vision evolves into a development strategy. At Hermann Design Group, we work closely with clients on feasibility analysis, jurisdictional restrictions, and other considerations to help gauge the potential for particular sites and designs. Working with a landscape design company should take the pressure off of you regarding all details and preparation. Our preplanning ensures a smooth progression, and our team appraises and coordinates details of design, construction, water resource management and other environmental considerations. Alternatives are evaluated and measured against financial goals to arrive at the winning solution.

areas of expertise

Site Analysis and Selection

Our understanding of the natural environment, combined with an understanding of spatial relationships, scale and human interaction, is communicated to clients considering locations and uses of potential sites.

Land Use Planning

We work closely with landowners, developers, public agencies and community groups to evaluate intended and permissible uses of a site.

Predevelopment Studies

At Hermann Design Group we assist developers by reviewing jurisdictional codes and evaluating factors affecting the potential development of a client’s property. Plans are designed and reviewed for compliance and pro-forma goals.

Master Planning

We help clients with large tracts of raw land to evaluate and determine the best potential for commercial, residential or mixed use that is beneficial not only to the property owner, but also governing municipalities and the community.

Development Strategies


With careful evaluation, we help to determine the overall timing of a project including phasing of construction to timing of sales to ensure that risks are mitigated and the upside potential of the project is met.

Site Plans

We offer strategic evaluation for the organization of a project in regard to egress, ingress, and landscape design to maximize project access and land use.

Design Guidelines

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Working closely with the client and other stakeholders, we help to develop design guidelines, setting the standards for design themes, colors, and style for a project to ensure that current and future construction and alterations remain consistent.

Governmental Approvals, Permitting and Entitlements

Project Approval

We will act as your representative in the proper departments with city, county, water districts, utility companies, architects and engineers to assist in achieving a seamless project.